Florida weather can be unpredictable – not only year-to-year but even from one month to the next. Winds from hurricanes and tropical storms can batter homes and businesses, destroying windows and letting in water and debris that damages interiors and property.

Hurricanes are predicted to intensify in strength, making defense against wind and rain damage even more critical.

Impact windows offer the best protection against the weather conditions common to Florida storms.

What are Impact Windows?

Impact windows have been helping to protect homes from Florida storms for years, although many residents are not sure of how they do their job so effectively. So, what is different about impact windows?

Glass Construction and Strength

Traditional windows are typically constructed with a single pane of glass, which can be easily cracked or destroyed by flying debris during a hurricane, and may even shatter from the extreme difference in atmospheric pressure between the outdoors and home interiors as storms arrive.

Impact windows are constructed with dual panes of laminated glass, with a clear resin between them for nearly impenetrable strength. Even if large objects striking impact windows at high speeds should crack an impact window, they are extremely unlikely to shatter due to this rugged construction.

Unique Frame Characteristics

Frames for impact windows have extra strength, to offer stability and reliability for the glass window panels. A strong window is little protection if the glass blows free from the frame holding it.

Impact window frames hold the glass securely. They are able to weather Florida storms without compromising the integrity of the window. Weatherstripping further provides protection from air and water getting around the window during hurricanes or other heavy storms.

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How Do Impact Windows Protect the Home?

Flying debris is one of the most dangerous characteristics of severe Florida weather –including hurricanes. This is why we so often see television broadcasts of homeowners boarding up windows when threatening weather approaches.

While boarding up windows may not be a bad precaution, impact windows are an extremely effective defense from items such as tree branches, outdoor accessories, and similar items that may cause severe damage to standard windows. This creates interior damage and destroys other personal property.

Water that enters the home through damaged doors and windows is one of the most costly impacts of severe weather for Florida homeowners. Window penetration or even leaks around windows can result in ruined floors, wall damage, and water accumulating in interior wall spaces – often undetected.

When water gets into the home, it also encourages the growth of mold, which can be a health hazard for occupants. In extreme cases, mold growth can result in condemning the home – all due to damage that could have been prevented by properly installed impact windows.

Installing Impact Windows in Florida Homes

Impact windows – also referred to as hurricane windows – offer many advantages to Florida homeowners:

Protecting Florida homes from severe weather with impact windows is not a simple do-it-yourself project. Hiring an experienced contractor with trained professionals to do the job is the best way to ensure the home is properly protected.

At Sunshine Doors Specialists, we can protect your home from the weather with quality impact windows from an initial quote to job completion.

To provide the best protection from weather storms with impact windows, contact the pros at Sunshine Doors Specialists today. We have been serving the Miami and Orlando areas since 2000, and we’re the only contractor you’ll need.