There’s no question that Florida is a great state to live in – as natives we enjoy many natural and commercial attractions, a growing blend of cultures, and of course – fantastic weather. Undoubtedly, it’s Florida’s year-round pleasant temperatures that attract visitors and new residents to the Sunshine State.

Homeowners in Florida take full advantage of the temperate environment, enjoying outdoor pools, sunrooms, and patios. The only problem is that insects thrive in Florida’s warm climate as well, which can become an annoyance or even a downright nuisance.

How do you enjoy the outdoors and your patio without welcoming a variety of insects – especially mosquitos – into your home?

How to Keep the Mosquitos Out

There are a variety of screens and screen doors available that can seal your home effectively from small animals such as lizards, and from insects like those pesky mosquitos.

Mosquitos are more than annoying – they can cause skin irritations and spread diseases such as Zika, West Nile, Chikungunya, Encephalitis, and more. Such medical conditions can vary from being mild to life-threatening. When outdoors, it’s wise to utilize protection such as repellents.

Keeping the varmints and mosquitos at bay is relatively simple – protect the home with a custom screen door designed to restrict entry.

How Do Screen Doors Offer Mosquito Protection?

Florida is perhaps well-known for our wealth of wildlife and insects as much as the pleasant weather. Here’s how screen doors protect you from mosquitos and other insects.

Custom Sliding Patio Screen Doors

If you have a patio with access through a sliding patio door, a custom sliding screen door is the perfect addition to keep fresh air flowing in and to keep the mosquitos out. Many original equipment sliding screen doors have a limited lifespan, with rollers that wear out and tracks that operate less than smoothly.

It may be a quick trip to the local big-box store to find a generic sliding screen door to replace a damaged or dysfunctional model, but it is likely not better than original builder quality. Handles, rollers, frames, and the very screen materials you count on to block out insects are of questionable quality.

Custom screen patio doors offer many advantages:

  • They are made to fit your doorway precisely so that they open and close easily
  • Screen materials are high-quality to keep out the mosquitos for years
  • Frames are much stronger and resistant to misuse or accidents
  • Construction – hardware components are sturdy metal parts for long life and reliable operation
  • Sealing performance – custom-fit screen doors simply provide a tighter seal that lets in fresh air but no unwanted pests

Other Considerations for Keeping Out Insects

Keeping out the mosquitos also calls for reviewing other potential pathways to your home:

  • Check any openings such as vents or windows. If there is an opening, it should be protected with properly-installed screens or mesh.
  • Windows should always include well-maintained and properly-fitting screens. Make adjustments or replace screens or frames where you find gaps.
  • Seal any cracks with appropriate caulking or silicone.

Here’s a homeowner tip – when it’s dark, shine a light around doors and windows. If the light gets through, so can the bugs.

Custom Screen Doors – A Necessity for Florida Patios

Keeping out the bugs while enjoying the fresh air from your patio calls for professionally-measured and installed custom screen doors. Sunshine Doors Specialists has been providing homeowners with the highest quality custom doors in the Miami and Orlando areas since we opened for business in 2000.

We do much more than install a screen door on your patio. Our services include:

  • Exact measurement for perfect fit and reliable operation
  • Best quality of components available
  • Expert installation and service

It’s time to take a bite out of the bug population in your home with a quality custom screen door from Sunshine Doors Specialists.

Want to keep your home and family safe from annoying, disease-carrying mosquitos and other insects? Call the expert technicians at Sunshine Doors Specialists today. Our experience assures you of quality results by experienced technicians.