Sliding Glass Door Repair and Window Screens for Your Business

We provide a range of services to businesses all over Florida.

We understand the importance of properly functioning sliding doors, window screens and shades for you and your staff’s comfort and the security of your business. This is why we provide quick, high-quality and flexibly scheduled installation and repairs and installations for commercial applications.

Our Commercial Services

We offer a range of services to businesses in Miami, including:

Sliding Glass Door Repair

Sliding doors are a common feature in many commercial businesses like hotels, offices, gyms, showrooms, photo studios, hospitals and shopping malls, among many others. These commercial applications are in places with a lot of foot traffic, so the doors see heavy use on a daily basis. For this reason, damage, wear and tear are inevitable.

We provide full-service repair solutions for commercial installations. Our commercial repair service has been designed to cater to businesses that need a swift resolution of any problems with the doors to minimize disruption and inconvenience to customers, while remaining cost-effective.

We are the leading door company in Miami for a number of reasons:

  • Sunshine Doors Specialists is one of the most affordable and proficient glass sliding door repair companies in the area, having carried out hundreds of installation and repair jobs for satisfied clients over the years.
  • We are well-versed in the latest technologies used in sliding doors and have experience with legacy models. This knowledge helps us to find issues and resolve them quickly and completely.
  • We schedule installations and repairs in a way that minimizes disruption to your business.

Shades and Blinds for Commercial Applications

The commercial solar window shades and blinds we install are of sturdy construction and made of durable materials to ensure that they last, operate trouble-free and remain as beautiful as they did when new, even when under heavy use.

Common corporate window screen applications we provide include:

  • Hotel and hospitality:
    We provide solar window screens that let light enter hotel rooms in a controlled way, control heat and glare during hot Florida summers but still allow hotel guests to see outside. We also install blackout shades with no see-through for guests who need total privacy day or night.
  • Healthcare:
    Our blinds, translucent roller shades and solar shades offer vital daylighting capabilities for healthcare facilities. They decrease glare on computers and medical equipment display screens, provide a calm environment to boost patient wellness and offer privacy for examination rooms.
  • Offices and conference rooms:
    It is impossible for a worker to fully concentrate on a task if their eyes are being constantly assaulted by the sun’s glare. We install window screens that cut out glare on media and computer screens, improving staff productivity without cutting out their view.
  • Schools and colleges:
    By reducing the sun’s rays into classrooms or lecture halls, students can see blackboards and projected presentations without being interrupted by glare and without having to sit in a completely darkened room.

Pool Enclosures

Sunshine Doors Specialists can erect sturdy pool enclosures to ensure safety in both homes and commercial applications like hotels and schools.

We use only the highest quality materials for our custom-built screens and rescreens to ensure that they last between 10 and 20 years depending on the weather.

Our custom screen enclosures are designed so that you can now close your patio or pool area without blocking out the refreshing Florida air.