Stay protected for Miami's all-weather

We offer a quality and safety service, from trained professionals.

One of the best things about living in Florida is the good weather. However, there are days when heavy rains surprise us, in addition to the threats of hurricanes.

If you want to prevent water from entering your windows or doors, count on SunshineDoors Specialists.

Our Product Lineup

We use the best materials to serve our customers. We have a high rating on social networks and Google, obtained with integrity and quality work.


Our silicone, industrial, seals any possible entry of water, ensuring that our customers do not have problems with mold or wooden items (floor, decorations, etc.) The material is applied with excellence.


Installed on windows and doors, Weatherseal seals the passage of sounds and wind, bringing more comfort and well-being to the environment.

Quality Installations by Our Highly Trained Technicians

We have a team of highly qualified and trained technicians who will provide your satisfaction with our service.

Is there a problem generated by bad application of sealing? Or do you want to prevent this from happening in your home? We are the solution.If your door is making noises with the wind, or is letting outside noise into your property, we can solve your problem!

We provide you with quality installation services from professional, full-time employees of your company, instead of contractors as most other companies do. All our technicians receive rigorous in-house training.


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