Keep the Sun Out with Miami’s Coolest Window Screens

We offer expert installation of shades and blinds for your security and privacy.

One of the best things about living in Florida is the fine weather. However, there are days when it can get too hot, or the sun’s rays cause uncomfortable glare. Whether you want coverage for your living room, bedroom or study, or if you want to style up your office while reducing your air conditioning costs, Sunshine Doors Specialists has window screens to meet your needs.

Originally known for our work as a leading Miami door company, we also provide functional, durable and easy to maintain shades and blinds that will not only keep you comfortable and transform your room décor.

Our Product Lineup

We have a wide selection of shades and blinds that can have a massive impact on the design of your room at an affordable price:

Roller Shades

These shades are designed as a hollow tube that the fabric is then draped around. All you need to do is pull the shade down when needed and a ratchet contained in the tube will lock it in place. Roller shades are popular because of their clean and simple lines that are perfect if you are looking for something to complement – not distract – from your existing décor.


Updating your room to give it an ultramodern visual effect is simple with one of our sheer Neolux shades. These shades are available in a wide array of color choices and design options to choose from, to ensure you will always find something to tie in with your personal style. Neolux shades are versatile too, offering either broad visibility or absolute privacy so we can help you design the best lighting conditions for every moment of the day.

Vertical Blinds

Traditional vertical blinds are still an excellent way for you to add personality to your living room, kitchen, dining room or bedroom. We stock vertical blinds in a variety of styles, colors and materials so you can dress your windows according to your personal tastes. What’s more, these are among the most affordable ways to block out sunlight and heat coming in through your windows.


Although there are certain times of the year that you may want the sun to shine into your home, it also has the potential to damage fabrics, furnishings and floors. If you are fed up with the constant cost of having to repair damage resulting from the sun’s UV rays, we have blackout shades that can completely block out all light. Blackouts can also be used to provide ultimate privacy as they offer zero see-through.

Quality Installations by Our Highly Trained Technicians

We have a team of highly qualified and trained technicians who provide custom fit blinds and shades.

Are you looking to spruce up the living spaces in your home or update the look of your office to impress clients? We have a wide assortment of screens to choose from. Our shades and blinds only allow the amount of light you require into your room while helping you to maintain your privacy.

We provide you with quality installation services from professional, full-time employees of your company, instead of contractors as most other companies do. Because we install products with unique features and designs, it is essential for them to be familiar with the screens we offer. For this reason, all our technicians receive rigorous in-house training to ensure they understand how each product is designed and built.