Sliding glass doors are ideal for enjoying natural light. They look amazing, especially in spaces that connect with outdoor areas, because in addition to the use of sunlight, you still have a beautiful view from the outside.

Harnessing natural light with sliding glass doors will reflect directly on your electric bill, as you no longer have to keep the lamps on for so long. Also, glass is very easy to clean! You can use simple products on the door by wiping it with a cloth or paper towel.

The truth is that even the best quality sliding doors on the market are affected by weather, wind, dirt accumulation, corrosion, daily use, etc.
Eventually, your sliding glass doors will need repair and maintenance, which should always be done by experienced professionals.

Only specialists can safely remove the door from its tracks without damage to your door or causing a safety hazard while assessing the problem and giving you an honest and accurate opinion.

Without the tools and expertise needed, what could otherwise be a quick and safe fix can end up becoming a costly problem for the homeowner.

We at Sunshine Doors Specialists have been in business since 2000 and are the leading company in the market of sliding glass door repairs, window repairs, and screens.

We are licensed and insured, rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau.

Rated “A” and have been distinguished by the Angie’s List Co.

Super Service Award for eight years in a row.

Sunshine Doors Specialists can provide any kind of maintenance repair. We have a super team of qualified specialists ready to solve whatever the problem: sliding glass door repairs, sliding door rollers, replacement of sliding door tracks, locks, handles, and glass replacement.

We professionally repair regular and impact sliding glass doors, windows, sliding screen doors, rescreen patio and pool enclosures. "Move it with one finger or it’s free!" ™️ - a bold statement, isn’t it? It is absolutely true as well.

In addition to guaranteeing our customers smooth sliding doors, we provide a two-year guarantee on parts and labor. To ensure your utmost satisfaction, we are more than willing to return to the job site should any problems arise, even if the guarantee has expired for a week or two. Customers will always see the same positive attitude we originally showed when we first bid their business.

We work according to a schedule focused on always respecting you, the customer, and our agreed upon time frame. If for any reason we are delayed, we will always have the courtesy to call in advance to let you know.

If a time conflict arises, we will schedule another time that best suits your availability. We will always go the extra mile for you. Not surprisingly, more than 60 percent of our customers found out about us by word of mouth. Our customers are always eager to recommend us to their friends and family!

Expertise in Sliding Glass Door Repair

If you cannot move your door with one finger, the repair is free!

At Sunshine Doors Specialists, we aim to give the residents of Miami a comprehensive sliding glass door repair service. Our goal is to ensure that we get your door back to pristine condition for just a fraction of what it would cost to get a replacement door.

As the leading door company in Miami, we get to the root of the problem and find a solution by systematically examining the different components that are likely to break or wear out, and determining whether the best course of action is to fix or replace the part.

Our Sliding Glass Door Repair Services

We have skilled and experienced technicians to repair all kinds of sliding door issues.

With two decades of expertise and experience in sliding glass door repair, we know that all the individual parts of the door need to come together as a properly functioning unit. Similar to a spine which is out of alignment, if an important part of the door wears out or breaks due to constant use, your sliding glass door will communicate the fault by becoming noisy or difficult to close. Our team has the know-how to diagnose issues and find a solution. Some of the common problems we repair include:

Worn Rollers

No matter if you need to replace the entire assembly or just the rollers, you need to find an exact replacement. Although many replacement roller assemblies may appear to be similar, they are unlikely to work properly if they are not identical. We stock or source the parts you need to ensure that your door remains in good working order for years to come.

Broken Glass

Replacing broken glass on a sliding door is one of the trickiest types of repairs that we undertake. Do not take on the challenge of replacing the door glass yourself – you will save time and money by having our experts fix it for you the right way. Sunshine Doors Specialists offers you the best value in door glass replacement services in Florida.


Older sliding glass doors will sometimes experience issues with their tracks. If you have this issue with your door, we offer track solutions which give the rollers a smooth, new surface for them to roll on. If your door track is worn out or chipped off, we can install a lifetime guaranteed stainless steel track cover over the existing track with no dust and no mess!


After years of continuous use, rollers tend to break or simply wear out with age. If you need a replacement, we will find the exact roller required for your particular brand of sliding door. Replacing broken or worn rollers is one of the best ways to ensure that the sliding door track serves you for a long time without any issues.

Locks and Handles

If your sliding glass door does not lock it is not only inconvenient, but also jeopardizes your safety. If you have a functional lock that simply needs servicing, we can simply align and lubricate it. If it is broken, we can replace it since we stock most common locks and can source any unusual or specially ordered locks.

Talk to the Glass Door Repair Experts

Eventually, all sliding glass doors need servicing or repairs as they get harder to open or close with time. At Sunshine Doors Specialists, we can fix a range of problems with door components, damaged track, worn locks and broken door glass. Our technicians are on call to bring doors that may appear to be on their last legs back to near mint condition.