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Sliding glass doors are an attractive and easy-to-use fixture common to many homes. They provide a large expanse of glass that lets in sunshine and offers an expansive view of the outdoors. When installed and maintained properly, they will provide homeowners with years of comfort.

However, one of the challenges of home ownership is that things break or wear out. For sliding glass doors, this could be due to mechanical issues or environmental causes:

  • Normal wear
  • Accidental damage
  • Misuse
  • Natural disasters such as severe storms
  • Settling of a home that may prevent easy sliding of doors

When doors are damaged or don’t work properly, it’s important to get them repaired quickly, to ensure the safety and security of the home. When the need for repairs arises, the first question is if homeowners can do the job themselves, or whether professional sliding glass door repairs are required?

Common Sliding Glass Door Repair Issues

There are several issues with sliding glass doors that could require prompt attention:

Doors don’t slide easily: this may be caused by worn rollers on the door, which may require adjustment or complete replacement. Doors that don’t slide easily are less convenient to use, especially by children. This may also be accompanied by unpleasant screeching sounds when the door is opened or closed. A quick temporary fix may include roller adjustment or lubrication, but a more thorough repair may be necessary for the near future.

Broken hardware components: sliding glass doors include multiple hardware items such as handles, locks, tracks, guides, bumpers, strikes. Some are more easily replaced or repaired than others. Some items require removal of the door for those repairs.

Broken Glass: shattered or cracked glass can create a hazardous situation for family members, especially where young children or even pets are concerned. It’s important to replace damaged glass quickly to ensure the safety of occupants. Over time, glass can also become discolored by minerals, detracting from the door’s attractive qualities.

Leaks that let in outside air or water: sliding glass doors incorporate seals that keep air and water out when closed. Over time these seals can deteriorate or maybe accidentally damaged, which can result in water entering the house and causing damage.

Screen damage: screens are one of the most important components of your sliding glass door – letting in the air without permitting access by wildlife or insects. Damaged screens take away much of the comfort provided by your sliding glass door.

Sunshine Doors - Benefits of Professional Sliding Glass Door Repair (2)

Why Use Professional Sliding Glass Door Repair?

Getting a sliding glass door to function properly is best accomplished by professionals who have the experience and equipment to get the job done correctly, quickly, and safely. This ensures homeowners of several benefits:

  • Quality workmanship that will be long-lasting
  • Professional service by trained, insured technicians
  • Safe operation and safe replacement of glass panes
  • Environmentally responsible removal of replaced components
  • Hardware upgrades and improved glass such as tinted or more energy-efficient glass panels
  • Improved energy efficiency with better weather sealing qualities and tempered glass that also offers better protection against storms or hurricanes

Repairing sliding glass doors can mean working with heavy and complex components that may even cause injury to inexperienced DIYers. Especially where broken or damaged glass is involved, such door repairs should include a call for experienced technicians.

Professional repairs for sliding glass doors in Florida are the best way to ensure safe, fast service that gets the door working properly in the least amount of time.

Where Can You Find Expert Professional Sliding Glass Door Repair?

Sunshine Doors Specialists have the experience and equipment to handle any sliding glass door repair safely and efficiently. From our locations in Miami and Orlando, we have serviced Florida residents since 2000 for all types of repairs for doors and windows.

Contact Sunshine Doors Specialists for any problems with your sliding glass doors. Our family-owned and operated business will provide a reliable and trustworthy service your home deserves.